Cracking New Patch Update for Wallace & Gromit in The Grand Getaway Just Landed!

Greetings, intrepid adventurers!

Every new contraption needs a software update from time to time, and the first versions especially need a tweak or two; that is why we have just released a new patch for you to enjoy this otherworldly adventure better! And just in time for Christmas🎄!
The ingenious team behind Wallace & Gromit in The Grand Getaway has a keen eye for minutiae, and they’ve spared no effort to ensure that your experience is nothing short of splendid! Just before we plunge headfirst into the yuletide merriment, they’ve crafted one last update that we’re simply delighted to share with you!

General Tweaks 🛠️

  • Wallace’s mouth shapes have been improved.
  • Added helpful hints throughout your adventure for an easier journey.
  • The menu now has been rectified with the correct text.
  • Beryl’s waveform bug is now a thing of the past.

Chapter 1: Get Packing 💼

  • Gromit’s eyes will follow the player more naturally and he’ll give you a bit more encouragement.
  • Beryl’s waveform gets a fresh update.
  • A little shuffle of objects for a new look.
  • Beryl now knows when to let you explore without interruptions.

Chapter 2: Blast Off 🚀

  • Jam jar pouring pouring behaves more consistently.
  • Beryl’s learned the art of not interrupting as much.
  • Crackers feel more realistic to grab.
  • Smoothed out Auto Caddy’s animations.
  • Audio enhancements for a richer experience.
  • Beryl gets a visual spruce-up.

Chapter 3: Asteroid Aftermath ☄️

  • Audio improvements to enhance your space adventure.
  • Mars now stays put in the porthole during the crash landing. No more space sickness!

Chapter 4: Holidays Begin 🏖️

  • Beryl’s practicing patience, less interrupting.
  • More audio improvements for your listening pleasure.

Chapter 5: Time for Tea 🫖

  • Audio enhancements continue.
  • Engine room door improvements for a smoother entry.
  • Alien hatching cinematic is visually improved.
  • Alien Choir lighting fixed for a better ambiance.
  • Beryl uses more emojis ♥️

Chapter 6: Return to Camp ⛺

  • Wallace’s basket won’t flash anymore – hooray!
  • Tea pouring from Auto Caddy feels more gravity-bound.
  • Blueprint-O-Matic’s display is now clearer.
  • Wallace stopped moonwalking off scenes.
  • Tees-Up-3000 is back in action.
  • Sound effects (SFX) have been fine-tuned.
  • Finally, something yummy on the trolley!

Chapter 7: Scrapyard Sightseeing 🏗️

  • No more waiting on Gromit to use the recipe crank.
  • Wallace and Gromit make a proper exit into black.
  • The vending machine now sounds impressively loud.
  • Improved Item Respawn on Conveyor Belt: We’ve fine-tuned the conveyor belt mechanics.
  • Items will now reappear more often, ensuring a smoother scrapyard exploration.

Chapter 8: Fixing The Rocket 🔧

  • Beryl’s learning to hold her thoughts, less interruption.
  • Alien Parents’ animation is smoother during their sneaky rocket heist.
  • More SFX and audio enhancements.
  • Alien babies now follow their parents without getting stuck.

Chapter 9: Cracking The Caves ⛰️

  • Cave interior matches Chapter 10’s level of spookiness.
  • Beryl’s becoming a master of timing her comments.
  • SFX and audio continue to improve.
  • Beryl’s tunnel flight is now more heroic.
  • Getting the key in the lock is less fiddly.

Chapter 10: Alien Tea Party 👽

  • Enhanced Alien Interaction: The alien tea party just got more engaging! We’ve added a number of new, interactive extraterrestrial guests for an enriched experience.
  • Optimized Background Music: We’ve removed the repetitive music following your interaction with Auto Caddy. Enjoy a more harmonious auditory experience at your intergalactic gathering!
  • No more crashes in the second half of the chapter.
  • Baby aliens now snooze around you more adorably.
  • Musical updates for a better party vibe.
  • Beryl’s more helpful and interrupts less.
  • Visual environment enhancements.

Chapter 11: So Long Mars 🪐

  • The toaster has been fixed after the crash landing and is now toasting again.
  • Beryl’s interrupting less, more listening.
  • Wallace doesn’t look as scary now.

Chapter 12: Home Sweet Home 🏠

  • Wallace’s eyes are now normal, phew!
  • Beryl got shrunk, she’s back to her old self again.
  • Home feels cosier than ever.
  • Tees-Maid-3000 button now works like a charm.
  • SFX have been tweaked and improved.

Your feedback fuels our passion for creating immersive adventures. Keep the reviews coming, and let’s keep the excitement rolling!
And that’s all for now, we wish you a merry season full of fun, cheese, and crackers!

Enjoy your smoother, more engaging journey with Wallace and Gromit! 🚀🐶🧀

Wallace & Gromit in The Grand Getaway and Jamtastic! are out now for Meta Quest and with a retail price of 12.99 USD | 12.99 EUR

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