Thrilling First Glimpse at Wallace & Gromit in The Grand Getaway, an All New VR Adventure From Aardman and Atlas V

Wallace &Gromit in The Grand Getaway teaser trailer reveal

Revealed during the Future Games Show on Saturday as part of Summer Game Fest

Paris, France – Astrea Immersive presents Wallace & Gromit in The Grand Getaway, a VR adventure from multi-award-winning independent animation studio Aardman and immersive storytelling experts Atlas V! The iconic stop-motion animated duo’s first virtual reality experience revealed its key art, logo, and an exciting teaser trailer during Saturday’s Future Games Show, as part of Summer Games Fest, following its initial announcement last year.

See how the whimsical world of Wallace & Gromit translates to VR in the exciting first teaser below:

Wallace & Gromit in The Grand Getaway is an interactive, narrative-led VR experience for Meta Quest VR headsets which will take fans on a brand-new adventure with much-loved characters Wallace and Gromit. For the first time, users will be able to walk around, explore and get a hands-on (or paws on!) experience within the world of Wallace & Gromit, and truly be a part of the pair’s adventures.

In The Grand Getaway, holidays are in the offing for Wallace and Gromit. Everything is prepared to enjoy some sun, sand, and the chance to test out their latest contraption, the Auto-Caddy. But Wallace has his dates mixed up and the pair have to be on the other side of the country in just half an hour! There’s only one solution… they’ll take the Rocket!

Under the guidance of BERYL, their beverage and employee-related logistics contraption, Wallace and Gromit pack and prepare for take-off. But shortly after launch, a mishap with the controls sends the team hurtling off course! This is going to be a holiday to remember!

Wallace & Gromit, Aardman’s most beloved and iconic duo have been delighting family audiences around the world for 30 years. First hitting our screens in Nick Park’s Academy Award®-winning Wallace & Gromit: A Grand Day Out (1989) the pair went on to star in three further half hour specials (Wallace & Gromit: The Wrong Trousers (1993), Wallace & Gromit: A Close Shave (1995), and Wallace & Gromit: A Matter of Loaf or Death (2008) and a feature length film, Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (2005), and are internationally celebrated winning over 100 awards at festivals, including 3 Academy Awards® and 5 BAFTA® Awards. Most recently, the duo featured in their first augmented reality story, The Big Fix Up, launched in 2021, and a new Wallace & Gromit film has been announced for 2024, directed by Nick Park and Merlin Crossingham.

Finbar Hawkins and Bram Ttwheam are co-directing the experience for Aardman with the support of Academy Award® winner and creator of Wallace & Gromit Nick Park, and Wallace & Gromit Creative Director Merlin Crossingham. Ben Whitehead will again voice Wallace, as he has done for previous Wallace & Gromit projects, following in the footsteps of the late Peter Sallis.

The project is a co-production between Aardman and the award-winning creators of the VR experience Spheres and Gloomy Eyes at Atlas V, in association with No Ghost and Albyon, and published by immersive distributor and publisher Astrea, with the Meta Quest team support.

Wallace & Gromit in The Grand Getaway will launch in 2023 for Meta Quest.

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